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My French Wine Club is an import company which facilitates a seamless connection between quality French wine producers and international consumers. Our  team of experts have an advanced knowledge of wine from the various regions of France, with a special focus on the southern Languedoc - Roussillon region.

Maybe you have your eye on a special bottle from a region, or would like a unique label brand created just for your company.  We can facilitate the creation and shipment of that custom wine directly to your table... or restaurant or stockroom or warehouse. 

Our services are inclusive, which makes us unique. We take care of all the purchasing, transportation, and importation into the states. Whether you want to buy from our online Shop, or purchase a select wine from France, we take care of all the logistics.


We're a passionate group of people, inspired by the epic history of French wine, devoted to bringing great taste and quality across the globe.

The company’s origins go back to an old friendship between Guilhem Hébrard and Christophe Besson, who grew up in the same suburb of Paris. During their youth, they had both worked in vineyards harvesting grapes. As  adults, one specialized in the wine industry and the other in international business.

They decided to embark on a project to help the rest of the world discover their common passion, French wine and its culture. They know what it takes to craft a good wine, develop relationships with producers, and facilitate business for international markets.

Christophe BESSON

Born and raised in Paris, Christophe has moved and lived around the world, discovering new cultures. He discovered the art of wine making while working as a farm hand in the Champagne region of France during his holidays. As a lover of French gastronomy, and particularly of French wines, he wants to spread and develop the French market across the world. He received Bachelors & Master 1 degrees in International Business Administration from the Sorbonne Université de Paris. As an entrepreneur, after creating his first non-profit organization at 18, he created his first company at 23.


Having lived in Paris, London, Africa and the Caribbean, Guilhem recently settled down in the south of France to focus on his true passion: French Wine. Eight years working in the catering industry allowed him to meet many sommeliers, where he decided to start his career. He received his Bachelors degree in International Wine Sales & Network of Distribution from the École Superieure d’Agronomie de Montpellier. He learned the practice and art of winemaking, tasting, and the economic and commercial value of wine. He’s a passionate expert when visiting wine chateaus, tasting vintages and reporting findings. 

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